Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Batting For Lashes: Homemade Lash Conditioner.

Mascara, cleansers, makeup removers, allergies, bad days...our eyelashes are along for the ride! Just like the hair on our heads, our eyelashes are made of keratin and can be prone to split ends, breakage and weakness. Here is a simple conditioner you can apply before bed once to three times a week from an item found right in your kitchen cabinet!

Homemade Lash Conditioner.

1. Dab a touch of Olive Oil (you can also use Sweet Almond Oil or Vitamin E oil so long as it it pure and does not have any added fillers or binders) onto a q-tip or small paint brush.

2. Apply oil along your lash line as if applying eyeliner. Then, paint oil from root to tip as if you are painting on mascara.

3. Wear the oil through the night and as little as two weeks you will notice thicker, healthier lashes!

Lala xoxo

Saturday, October 22, 2011

All That Glitters: Lip Art Trend.

Every season, there is an avaunt guard trend in make-up artistry that sparks on the runway, music videos and pop culture that in it's pure form never makes it on the streets of the every day woman however inspires trends that are beautiful and can be infused into every day looks that you can wear anytime.

The trend this season is Lip Art. Thanks to the innovative artists of a new cosmetic company Violent Lips and their Celebrity Lip Art, this trend is sweeping the entertainment and fashion industry like a fabulous glitter dust storm!

If you are bold enough to rock a criminally fabulous amount of glitter on your lips, I highly recommend it. However, for the every day girl there is an inspiration to add just a pinch of sparkle to your pout this season. You can find amazing lipsticks that have a metallic base to them, lip glosses that have a touch of glitter and together they will just give you a beautiful lip gives you a special something without overdoing it. Here are the steps..

Inspired Glitterati Lips.

1.  Find a lipstick that has a metallic finish to it. You can choose any color of your liking. Right now, there is not so much as a shade that is hot for fall but rather a finish that is hot for Fall. So long as it has a metallic finish or hints of bling, you are set! Apply the metallic shade of your choice all over. I recommend placing the lipstick on with a brush to offer a smoother and more controlled finish.

2. Taking a lip liner in a shade that is similar to the lipstick, apply your lip liner around the lipstick. Putting the lip liner on after the lipstick will give you the opportunity to create the perfect shape of your lip and make it look clean and precise. I also suggest to leave your mouth just slightly open and relaxed, almost with a dead pan expression when you are shaping your lip with the liner so that it makes your lip look fuller and poutier. Opening your mouth while applying stretches the shape of your mouth out so when you close them the product will make your lip look smaller and shapeless. So shut those cute lips of yours when you apply!

3. Gloss. Choose a gloss that has some bling in it. As little or as much as you prefer! Place a small..and I mean a very small amount so not to thin out the coverage of the metallic lipstick on the middle of your bottom of your lip with a lip brush. Very lightly touch your top lip to your bottom lip to pick up some of the gloss from your bottom lip to your top lip. This will give a very slight vinyl look to your lips.

Rock that pucker out ladies!

Lala xoxo