Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Magic Wand: Maximize Your Mascara Wand.

Mascara wands...it can make your head spin in picking out which wand is right for you. There are thin, long wands..big, fat, monstrous wands..Spiky rubber wands..and not to mention now, wands in the shape of a tiny ball. Confused yet? Let me break it down for you in the top three wands to shop for by the look you are going for!

The Skinny.  If you are looking for longer lashes but don't want more thickness and volume, this is the brush for you. Thin and long mascara wands are designed to give you ultimate length. I love this style of wand for shorter lashes that are already a little thick naturally. This will enhance the natural thickness in your lashes and extend them out naturally.

The Multitasking Medium. If you are looking for length and thickness but not the clumping, this brush is for you! The perfect medium brushes are thick in nature but have thinner rubber bristles that separate the clumps while allowing you the flexibility of getting the product to the base of your lash. I love this style for lashes that have average length and thickness and want to enhance them and add drama.

The Big Bang. If you are looking for maximum volume and thickness, this is the brush for you. These thick brushes are designed to pick up mascara formulas that have larger molecules and polymers so you can get the most dramatic product evenly distributed on your lash. I love this for long, thin lashes. This really adds depth to and deep drama. I do not recommend this kind of brush or any volumizing formula for short lashes, for it can lead to clumping and making the lashes actually look shorter and stumpy. This formula and style is a must have for the longer, thinner lash.

Rock those magic wands ladies!

Lala xoxo