Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stay In Place: Tricks To Making Makeup Last All Day.

Today's Woman runs around. I hear it all day, every day no matter what lifestyle and what demographic..Women are managing to run around from the early morning through the late evening. As our days stretch out, we find our makeup does not follow us but rather ditches out on us halfway through our day.

Luckily there are tips, ingredients and steps to lock your makeup in place so you look just as fresh at the end of your day as you did at the beginning. Here are the basic steps to have a stay in place complexion.

1. Prime: If you have not tapped into this amazing product yet, I highly suggest you do for it makes all the difference. A primer serves two purposes. It is usually a silicone or dimethicone (by the way, do not even get me started on one of my must have, favorite smoothing ingredients 'dimethicone' is literally a miracle ingredient.) base that acts as a smoothing agent. This breathable smoothing agent lays on your skin so that your foundation and powders lay on the primer rather than getting stuck in those fickle lines, wrinkles and pores. So, it makes your skin look young and perfect! Primer also protects your makeup from the enzymes in your skin that are designed to breakdown dirt and debris. Your poor enzymes do not know the difference between a spec of dirt and the powder that you just spent your hard earned dollar on applying to your skin. This all helps create a perfect stage for longer wearing and even makeup!

You will place a pea size amount on your fingertips and massage the primer onto your skin.

2. Foundation: If you wear a liquid foundation, apply your foundation with a foundation brush. It makes a world of difference for the actual look of the application but more so, applies the product in a way where it has longevity.

3. Conceal: If you wear a concealer, apply your concealer after your foundation. I get asked which should go first as one of my most asked concealing questions. There is no wrong or right answer however if you are looking for the most coverage and the longest wear time, artists suggest placing your concealer on after your foundation. This gives the larger molecules in the concealer a chance to bind on top of the smaller molecules of the foundation, creating more coverage and longevity. I also suggest you use a brush for this application as well. It will ensure you have the most smooth look and natural look.

4. Set: For a long wearing complexion, powder is not an option but rather a must-have. A common mistake clients make when setting foundations with powders is buffing it on in hard or circular motions. This disrupts all of the hard work you just did in smoothing out the skin. The best technique is to pat the powder lightly on top of your makeup. Pat versus rub or buff.

I also must give a very large shout out for another product I can not live without as I am a girl on the go and need to lock my makeup down even further. Setting Spray. After my makeup is completely done..eyes, cheeks, lips...I use a Makeup Setting Spray and generously mist my face and allow a moment to dry. Makeup Setting Sprays are designed to seal and protect makeup for the rest of your day. You can also carry Setting Spray in travel size in your purse to touch up spritz while you are on the go. It feels amazing and makes you look fresh!

So run those errands, be that super woman and order your makeup to stick along with you for the ride!

Lala xoxo

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