Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bronze Beauty: How to Bronze.

Nothing puts an extra sass to your step like having bronzed, beautiful and glowing skin. Bronzer can completely contour and structure your facial features while giving your skin tone a healthy warmth that displays youth and health. Here is a simple application that can give you that bronze beautiful look with some do's and don'ts.


  • If you have always wondered, "When do I put this on?"..Your bronzer goes after your complexion products (foundations and concealers) but before your blush.
  • Choose a brush for application that matches what you want out of your bronzer. If you want your bronze to look more natural and deposit less pigment, choose a brush that is softer and fluffier. A large powder brush is perfect for you. If you want the bronzer to be more noticeable and deposit more color, choose a brush that is more compact and the brush hairs more concentrated.
  • To begin your application, swirl your brush in your powdered bronzer and tap off the access. From now on, think of only circular motions. You will buff your bronzer on in the shape of a "3" along the side of your face. The middle of the "3' being your cheek, your temple being the top and your chin being the bottom.
  • Begin buffing your bronzer in the middle of the apple of your cheek and continue sweeping the bronzer up towards your temple, back towards the apple of your cheek and back down towards your chin, sweeping the bronzer along your jawline.
This application technique will give you a beautiful, structured contour while also giving you the perfect warmth of color.

  • Do find a bronzer that matches your personality. From light to matte all the way to deep and sparkly.
  • Do concentrate most of your pigment where you want to structure and slim your face most.
  • Do feel free to place a little bronzer to contour the sides of your nose, making it look perkier and slim.
  • Don't place bronzer on the flat of your forehead or bridge of your nose. This causes a flat look to your face.
  • Don't use light, highlighter style bronzers along your jawline, this makes it look broader.

Bronze away ladies!

Lala xoxo

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