Monday, February 18, 2013

Compact: DIY Makeup Palette.

Oh the ease and organization of a makeup palette. To have everything you need to get ready in one place. I struggle with the dilemma that all the palettes on the market have colors and products in them that I would not use, so I would find myself still needing multiple palettes to achieve what I could do if I just made it myself.

Here is an easy way to take all of your favorite powder based makeup and make your own palette so you still have the ease and organization of an all-in-one palette but also the personalization of your favorite colors and brands.

  1. Find a tin that will fit the amount of makeup you are looking for. (You can use anything from an Altoids Tin to an inexpensive tin you can find at any craft store for under $1.00)
  2. To losen the glue that binds your cosmetic metal tray to the packaging the cosmetic company used, apply heat with a blow dryer under your eyeshadow/blush or powder compact for approximately a minute or until the glue is playable. 
  3. Using a pair or tweezers, loosen the metal tray holding your product from the cosmetic company's packaging. 
  4. With a glue gun or strong hold glue, bind and place your cosmetic in the tin where you would like. 
Lala xoxo

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