Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Perfect Nude.

The perfect nude lip is a timeless way to perfect your pout. The nude lip can soften your features, bring out a smokey eye and give you a polished and sultry look. Here are the simple steps to maximizing one of your most used features..

The Perfect Nude.

1. Pick Your Shade. Determine your undertones. The perfect nude compliments your natural undertones. You will want to pick a nude that is congruent to that. So, here is how to determine your undertones..

 We all have undertones and overtones. Your overtones are the overall appearance of your shade. How fair or deep your pigment is, environmental elements such as sun damage, included in it. This is the actual color of the layer of skin you own. Undertones are the tones that shine from almost within your skin. Blood circulation, etc..also play a large part in how your undertones look.

So flip your wrist, look at your coloring..what do you see? Do you see mostly yellow and beige or do you see pink and red? Do you see none of the above? If you see mostly yellow or beige you have a warm undertone and want to pick a shade of lipstick that has more brown or beige in it. If you see pink or red, you will want to pick a nude with a soft pink base. If you are in between (Note: 85% of the Caucasian population is a Neutral, meaning that they have equal parts warm and cool in their skin)..if that is you,you will want to treat yourself like you have a warm skin tone and choose a beige shade.

2. Feather On Your Lip Liner.  With a nude liner, feather on the liner around your lip line. Feathering your application rather than drawing one blunt line gives your lips the appearance of a poutier and fuller look. Once feathered on, take your pinkie and slightly smudge the line. This will soften the line and give you even more of an optical illusion of fullness.

3. Apply Gloss To The Center Of Your Pout. Apply a small amount of clear gloss to the center of your lip. Applying your gloss prior to your lipstick will allow for a smoother and cleaner application. The texture of the application will look more congruent and sexy. Applying gloss only in the center gives you more control over your product and makes your lips in turn look fuller. The heat of your body temperature will naturally allow the gloss to spread slightly on it's own as well.

4. Finish The Look With Lipstick. With a lip brush, apply your lipstick over your gloss, blending the texture of the gloss and blending the lip liner.

Now, go out there and rock your new perfect nude the traffic stop.

Lala xoxo

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