Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Easy On The Eyes: Fail Proof Eyeliner Application.

There are many things that can get in the way of a flawless eyeliner application..a steady hand, textured lid or even time. There is an art to applying eyeliner so that it frames and enhances your eye and here is one of my favorite techniques that everyone can use for a fast and flawless eyeliner application.

Fail proof Eyeliner Application.

  • Holding the skin of your upper lid taut, trace the upper lashes from the inside of the eye with a pencil, or an eyeliner brush dipped in a dark eyeshadow. For a more dramatic look, make the outside line a bit thicker than the inside and extend it just beyond the lash line. Another shape I love is dubbed the "Nike swoosh" -- narrow at inner corners, thicker in the middle and swept up a bit at the outer edge.

  • Once the line is set, trace over it with a liquid liner. Hand unsteady? Keep your elbow on a table. (You can skip this step, but it will hold the eyeliner longer if you include it).

  • Set liner with an eyeshadow. This not only keeps your liner on all day but also adds a softness to a harsh line, smoking and framing your eye.

  • Apply eyeshadow or an eye pencil to lower lashes. I like to use a different color on the bottom lash line. Simply using a black on the top lash line and brown on the bottom can add a soft dimension.  Apply a deep-hued eyeshadow or pencil along the bottom lashes from the outside in. Unless you have wide-set eyes, don't line the entire lower lid. Instead, stop halfway across. If you're using a pencil, smudge the line with your finger so it looks more natural.

  • That's all there is to it..create a line, define, set..get ready to rock those peepers ladies!

    Lala xoxo

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