Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Looks Right Now: Mod Romanace.

What is old is what's new and what is new is old. My favorite part of fashion and beauty is the constant theory of recycling a hot trend from the past and updating it to fit the lifestyle and vibe of today. This fall it is all about the Mod look getting a softening and romantic feel to it.

Monochromatic complexions and lips to bring all the attention to big, bold and wide open eyes. This doe-eyes look has always had a sex kitten vibe throughout the years and now, you can work it into your modern look today. Here are some simple steps and tricks to attain the perfect Mod Romance look...

1. Even Complexion.

- This is a look that requires a matte and even palette. Foundation, concealer and powder are a must have to attain this look. Refrain from complexion products that offer a glow or shine, this look is all matte ladies!

-  Add a blush that is light in color and apply a soft amount just under the cheekbones. Finish off with a nude lip color and then set it with a sheer coat of powder to really set your monochromatic matte stage.

2. All About Eyes.

- Prep the eye with an eyeshadow primer to keep your look on all day before applying a wash of white eyeshadow all over the entire lid.

- Using a black eye pencil, line the top and bottom lid along the lash line. To wing the end of your eyeliner to the perfect cat eye, then line directly on the bottom corner of your eye and wing up, following the natural curve and angle of your eye. That will give you a natural template as to how and where you should wing your liner out. Then, connect your top corner and line the top wing, meeting the bottom line you created.

- Line the inner rim or your eye with a white to open up your eye and give you the doe-eyed effect.

- Take a liquid liner and paint over the black pencil on the top of your lash line. This will add a crispness and shine to the liner you previously did. Applying pencil first as a template and liquid over as a top coat creates a more controlled technique that looks more precise and cleaner since liquid is generally harder to work with freehand.

- Wash a little smoke colored shadow over your crease line to create a smokey contour.

- Lastly, add mascara and don't be conservative. Add multiple coats to both the top and bottom lashes and for extra drama separate the lower lashes into clumps to get that perfect Mod Twiggy effect.

Have fun showing off your inner Mod Romance look ladies!

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