Thursday, August 4, 2011

Halo Of Light: Highlightling In A Pinch.

We know ladies, it is easy to feel drab and lacklustre between being on the go, long days and not getting enough rest. So allow me to introduce you to my little friend.

Ladies, meet the highlighting pen. The highlighting pen is a brightener that has just a pinch of concealer for coverage as the base and light reflecting molecules added in the finishing process.

So why is this a good friend to have? Well, to each of our eyes, reality is how our eyes process and see light versus darkness. Human vision is designed to gravitate to light first, processing that information in a split second before processing shadow and darkness. Photographers and artists alike have used this knowledge to produce optical illusions in their work and I, with the help of light reflective pigments that basically soft focus any darkness will teach you some simple highlighting tricks that will make you look so fresh and lifted.

The first step is getting your highlighting pen. There are many grades and varieties of this product and really, nowadays this particular category of product is available in more than half of cosmetic brands out there. The difference between the lower cost  to the higher cost is simply how high of a grade the light reflecting pigments are and how much of this pigment is in your pen.

If you have dark circles and feel like you really need an extra lift, it is worth it to spend a couple extra dollars and get the maximum amount of high grade pigment. If you would just like a small pick me up, a less expensive brand will do.

..Now that you have this pen, let's put it to work! You can see from the photo pre-blended where ideal spots to place highlighter are. Remember, light brings forward and appears to lift to the eye's view so these spots will make your features look more vibrant and lifted.

I suggest also having this be the very last step after any concealer (yes, I do not use this on clients as a concealer even though it has some of those properties. I use it as a booster to concealer). I also suggest having it be the last product you use after your foundation before your powder so that you do not cover it up. If you were to place it on before your foundation, the foundation molecules will cover up the light reflecting molecules.

Lastly, carry this new friend around in your purse. It is perfect for mid-day and after work touch ups. You can touch up in all of the spots you originally started and keep that lift going on throughout the day!

Lala xoxo

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