Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Art Of Shaving: The Perfect Shave. is the bane of my beauty regimen and yet there is nothing short of buying flannel and moving to Seattle that is going to solve that I need to shave. I know that all of you feel the same way..especially where hair tends to be more coarse like the bikini area. Gentlemen go through this each time they so much as think to shave their beard as well so we all feel the pain of having to shave.

There, of course are many alternatives to shaving such as waxing, laser and electrolysis however first, here are some simple steps to achieving the perfect shave for Men and Women.

The Perfect Shave

1. Prepare. Soften the hair and protect the skin. Always shave after a hot shower. Never before. Always use hot water while shaving. Hot water softens the hair, opens the pores and cleanses the skin. Before shaving, apply a Pre-shave oil in coarse areas such as the beard, the bikini and the underarm.

2. Lather Up! For a close and comfortable shave. I recommend using a shaving cream that is glycerin based. Glycerin is a natural humectant, attracting moisture to your skin and protecting it from nasty cuts. I also recommend using a cream that is not in canned form. Any shaving cream that comes in a can uses air as a catalyst ingredient, causing the gel or cream to infuse with the air molecules. These air molecules can create skips in the lather for an uneven shave, causing cuts and or texture inconsistencies. Find a cream in a jar or tube instead.

3. Shave. With a proper technique. Always shave with the grain first, ie: in the direction the hair grows. Shaving against the grain first can cause ingrown hairs and razor burn. For an even closer shave, after shaving with the grain first then re-lather up again and shave then lightly against the grain. This technique of going over the shaved area twice in both directions is perfect also for coarser hair areas such as the beard, bikini and underarms. Note: Your hair pattern and how it grows is individual by person so before shaving, really take a note as to the direction that your hair grows in each area. A common mistake men make is that they shave in the hair pattern on their face the same way they do their neck, when in most cases the hair pattern grows differently on the neck. Women do the same with the bikini area.

4. Moisturize. To soothe and repair. Use an alcohol-free moisturizer. Most after shave balms contain a high content of alcohol. That dries out the skin and causes inflammation and redness. The rule of thumb is if it burns or stings, that is not the idea product to apply after shaving.

Here is to the perfect shave Ladies and Gents!

Lala xoxo

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  1. I've also read that after you go against the grain, to do a brief 3rd run with the grain to prevent future ingrown hairs. Almost acts like a comb. Awesome stuff!