Friday, December 16, 2011

Lash Stash: The Perfect Mascara.

Finding the perfect mascara for you is like finding your soul mate. What one person loves is not what you might love. Raves and reviews truly mean nothing without a little bit of digging. Each of us have a different lash layout and structure. Some sparse, some thick..some long and some shorter.Mascara is made with different sized and textured polymers that are designed to add length or definition. The size of the molecule used in each formula gives a different desired effect. Here is my easy key of what kind of lash you have and what marketing buzzwords you want to look for in your mascara..I mean, this key is certainly easier than learning all the cross and co-polymers out there!

If you have...
  • Short Lashes: You want to look for a mascara marked as Lengthening. The polymers will be large enough to give you length and in turn give you thickness and volume without clumping. The brushes in the lengthening formula as well tend to be thinner so you can get into the base of the lash. Avoid any mascaras marked as Volumizing or Thickening. Those polymers are too large for your lash style and will clump.
  • Average Lashes: You want to look for a mascara that is a multi-tasker marked as Lengthening and Thickening. Your lashes can handle a molecule that serves many purposes. Avoid mascaras that are marked to only serve on purpose such as just Length or Just Volumizing.
  • Long Lashes: You want to look for a mascara that has the main purpose of Thickening or Volumizing. Your lashes have the frame to hold a larger molecule however the lengthening molecule can make your lashes over separate or look stringy. Avoid any mascaras that are for Lengthening only. If you wear a mascara that is marketed as a multi-tasker,ensure that volumizing is it's main claim to fame and that lengthening is just a side effect. A larger brush for application usually works better on a long lash, distributing product in a more voluptuous fashion rather than over detailing it like a small brush would.
Other side tips..wear black mascara unless it truly is your preference to wear a color. Black frames the eye best, even when you are going for a natural effect. Brown can make the eye look smaller.

If curling your lashes,curl first then apply mascara. Do not curl after your mascara is already applied.

Curling mascara has a polymer that adds more hold so everyone can use it if they desire.

Waterproof formulas are amazing if you smudge. Note that they do have a higher alcohol content in them so conditioning your lashes at night is highly suggested. Your tube will also dry out faster so once you notice it begins to dry, replace the tube with a fresh one to keep your lashes healthy.

Now that you have the key to your perfect fit..bat those lashes ladies!

Lala xoxo

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