Friday, December 2, 2011

Naughty Is The New Nice: Holiday Look.

It's Holiday time and that means Holiday Soiree's and perfect excuses to get your inner glam on. This Holiday red is the major trend flooding the runways and red carpets. This year it is all about simple application and and playing up what is arguably the most sexy feature we all posses..the lip.

Holiday Red Lip.

Simple,right? Any girl can unleash her inner siren and rock this look but by simply adding a few extra simple steps you can really make your features pop this Holiday.

  • Liner,baby..using a dark color is all about the lip liner. Making the lip look perfectly defined is the key to the entire lip. A pro trick is to apply your red lipstick first. Apply the lipstick with your mouth only slightly parted and relaxed so that you keep the integrity of the pout. Opening your lips when you apply lip products stretches the shape of the lip making it look smaller. Finally, feather your lip liner around the edge of your lip. Again, hold your lip only parted slightly. Lining the lip last rather than first with a dark color will make the pencil slide easier and your shaping perfect.
  • really pop your lip ensure you have prepped your skin and evened out your complexion whether that be though foundation, concealer or powder. By nature, we all have an uneven skin tone and when you even out your complexion you really set the stage for the red lip to pop your look and not that blemish you are rocking!
  • always want to choose one feature to really be the focal point. In this season's look the lip is center stage so you want to keep the eye more neutral. Adding just a pinch of cream or gold  eyeshadow swept along your entire lid with minimal to no eyeliner will give you the perfect balance and symmetry.
Voila! Rock this simple and yet completely breathtaking holiday trend ladies!

Lala xoxo

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