Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crayons: Color Outside The Lines.

An eye trend that is sweeping across the industry right now is the waterproof eye shadow pencil. These chunky pencils are part eyeliner, part eyeshadow and all the rage! You have the simplicity of a pencil and the flexibility of smudging it into an eyeshadow with the reliability of a waterproof. Here is how to utilize this gift from the beauty gods!
  • Line and fill. Line your eye as usual with the chunky pencil. Then, fill in your entire lower lid.
  • Smudge and Blend. With an eye liner brush (in a pinch you can always use a Q-Tip as well), smudge the liner, blending it out to soften.

It is honestly that easy! You will look smokey, sultry and in a look that will last all day in two simple steps!

Lala xoxo

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