Thursday, January 5, 2012

Quick Eyes: Simply Purple.

Eyeshadow always looks so complicated. It is one of those things that looks like rocket science but truly is more bark than it's bite! Here is my favorite "looks like I spent and hour on it" 5 minutes eye looks..

Prime it! Apply eyeshadow base all of your lid. Bonus points if you find an eyeshadow primer with a little bit of built in eyeshadow that is cream shimmer colored. Primer kills two beauty birds with one creates an even looking canvas for your eyeshadow to lay and also keeps your shadow from creasing throughout the day.
Color it! With a Medium Eye Shadow brush, sweep your plum color all over your lower lid and then blending it along your crease where your bone is.
Highlight it! Take a light Eye Shadow color and sweep it under your eyebrow arch.

Add some liner, mascara and get on your merry way! It's simple and yet when you are finished looks as if you spent the better part of a decade creating it!

Lala xoxo

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