Friday, January 13, 2012

Faux Flirting: How To Apply False Lashes.

Have you ever flirted with the idea of wearing false lashes but had no idea how the hell to put them on? Look no further ladies for this intimidating application is as easy as one, two, three! 
 Fitting and Trimming. If your false lash strip is wider than the shape of your eye (and it always is) you will trim your lash strip to fit the shape of your eye. Trim your lash from the inside of the strip. A good rule is that your lash strip should begin 1/8th from the inner tear duct.
Glue it. Place a thin line of adhesive to your lash strip and wait 30 seconds to let the glue slowly settle so that it is not too runny or too thick.
Adhere it. Using tweezers, grab the middle of the lash from the tip of the lashes. This is better than your fingertips for you can truly get a better handle on your application without the width of your fingertips getting in the way. Place your lashes on, concentrating on the middle of the lashline to create an anchor then securing to the outside, then securing the inside.
Finishing touches. Now, using your fingertips, press your lashes and the lashes together after they have dried for about 10 seconds. Add mascara to finish the bond and cohesiveness of your natural lash and your false lash.
Voila! Bat those lashes ladies and try not to stop traffic too much if you can help it..
Lala xoxo

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